Our Core Values


Our strap-line is “Loving God, Loving Others”

Core Values
1. God-centred, Jesus-focussed, Spirit-filled
2. Community & Mission
3. Discipleship

We see these core values as describing our passion for God and for seeing our lives, and the lives of people in our community, transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit

1. God-centred, Jesus-focused, Spirit-filled

We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, and we seek to centre our lives on God, through sound biblical teaching, prayer and worship. We hunger and thirst for God’s presence, we seek to hear and obey God’s voice speaking to us individually and collectively, and we strive to see the gifts of the Spirit in operation. We seek to follow Jesus’ teaching and example, to encourage each other in thinking through what this means, and to apply God’s word in our daily lives, open to the power of the Holy Spirit at work in and through us. We work this out through small groups, prayer groups, prayer partnering, Sunday meetings, creativity in both prayer and worship, and through generosity.

2. Community & Mission

We are an inclusive church family that seeks to love, support and encourage one another. We see ourselves as a body, consisting of different people with different gifts, skills and abilities, and as part of the body of Christ. We are united in love and share common aims: to serve God, to serve one another in the body, and to look outwards to meet the needs of people in our local community and beyond. We seek to reach out and to share God’s love, care and practical support generously with others, promoting social justice. We see mission as something we all do, as followers of Jesus, helping God’s will to be done and bringing his Kingdom into the world. We work this out through community activities, including our youth cafe, Dads and Lads, Park Week and creche; through our cross-cultural Mission Support Group; through local mission at St. Rollox Church and City Mission; and through mission abroad in Rwanda, Vietnam and elsewhere.

3. Discipleship

We seek to walk with God so that we develop and become mature Christians. We also seek to challenge and encourage others in their walk with God, to grow and to fulfil their calling under God. We seek to learn together how to follow Jesus’ life and example more closely. We aim to provide a loving environment where we can grow and develop our skills and abilities in God, where we can be creative and innovative, where we can make mistakes and learn, and where we can be transformed by the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. We believe in every member ministry, encouraging each other to serve God and to give glory to God.We are eager to establish closer relationships with God, and firm, strong relationships with each other and with our community, acting in humility and with grace towards all. We work this out through community activities, church events, communal spiritual practices, partnering and mentoring, teaching, discipleship, and generosity. We encourage personal spiritual growth through small groups, mentoring, encouragement of spiritual practices, teaching, discipleship, and courses such as Kairos.