Prayer Journey

The theme of this prayer journey is ‘Come Away With Me’ 

There has been a real sense across the globe that this season is one of sabbath rest.  


A time for drawing aside and narrowing of vision. A time to wait and be still.


This is an opportunity for us to turn to God and seek his face, enjoy his presence and get to know what is on his heart for us,

our families, church, our town, nation and world as we move forward. 

God is asking us to come away with him; to go deeper into the relationship he made us to enjoy with him. 


Press play on the YouTube video for some reflective music.

Then take time to scroll down through the short journey below.


As you slowly read the words from Song of Songs 2,

listen intently to what God is saying to you through the words on the page.


This is Gods heart for you today. 



"Whenever my busy thoughts were out of control,

the soothing comfort of your presence

calmed me down and overwhelmed me with delight."

Psalm 94:19 (The Passion Translation)


Image by Caleb Russell

This is the place of my love

These moments, when you set aside time to seek my face and know my heart, are my delight. Your quiet moments are my treasure, for this is when I can pour my love into you and share my strength with you. This is the time I free you of anxiety and care. Now, in the calm of my presence. Are you weary? Linger with me in this quiet place of my love. You will be amazed at the miracle of mercy that comes to you. You will be astounded by how my Spirit refreshes and empowers you.

Today, I release to you my gift of encouragement! Let it flood your being and saturate every dry place. It will strengthen you inside and out. I am the God of battles who has won the victory for you, both today and forever. When you are weak, I will make you strong. As your days are, so will your strength be. And the secret of my strength is found in the presence of my endless, tangible love. Encouragement from heaven will be your portion, filling you with hope this day. This is the place you belong. This is the place of my love.


Whispers written by Brian Simmons and Gretchen Rodriguez


Is this the end part of this journey?


There really is no need to rush away.

You, beloved, are in the presence of the eternal.

Rest a while.

Hear the song that the bridegroom sings over you.

Feel his embrace as he delights in you.

Its just you and him in this moment – enjoy him.

Listen to the promises he speaks over your life.

Why don't you just stay a while.

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