We do lots of things without ceasing – things we take for granted. Take breathing for example… When our attention is drawn to our own breathing, it becomes obvious how much we depend upon oxygen to stay alive. It almost seems silly to instruct one another to breathe without ceasing – as if we could do anything else!

So, prayer is like breathing. As Christians, we can’t survive without it. Its a reflex, and flows from our faith. It is something we do continually, almost effortlessly, ceaselessly. And yet at times we become intentionally mindful of our breathing.

Another analogy that may be helpful to our thinking about prayer is posture. When we hear someone talking about posture, perhaps we are inclined to sit up straight where previously we had been slouching. If we take posture for granted we can easily slip into a bad habit that can cause us pain and discomfort.

These are limited illustrations but they help us to think about prayer. Prayer permeates who we are and everything we do. We prioritise praying for our community and the people around us, as well as situations all across the globe. So, as a church, prayer is something we are intentional about.

Twice a year for a whole week our building becomes a 247 prayer monastery and our whole congregation joins together in prayer – usually in preparation for Pentecost and Advent.

Keep an eye on our events tab for up to date info on prayer gatherings. But for now, here are some times when you will be likely to find a praying place:

Monday mornings from 8am-9am we have Celtic Daily Prayer in the lounge, using materials from the Northumbria Community to help us start the week in prayer.

Monday evenings at 7pm we have Open Prayer in the lounge.

Thursday evenings from 10-11pm we have our Eleventh Hour Prayers in the lounge. This begins with a time of worship and we move on to intercessory prayer.

Sunday mornings from 10am we meet in the creche to pray before the weekly church service.


Last Sunday of every month from 6.30-8.30pm we meet in the annexe to pray for our church, community, and our cross cultural mission partners.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like more information or to join us at any of these times for prayer.

And if you haven’t given it much thought, its never too late to Try Praying:

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