Cross Cultural Mission

One of the ways in which our church fulfils the vision of “Loving God and Loving Others” is though taking the Love of God across Language and/or National boundaries. This is fulfilling part of our commission from Jesus to be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth.  In some cases, this can involve leaving behind the comfort of our homes and church and travelling to other countries on a temporary or more permanent basis.

In recent years we have seen the Besford family spend time in Mozambique (now based in Harehills, Leeds), Alastair & Byambaa settle in Ulaanbataar and latterly back in Bishopbriggs for the birth of Joanna their daughter.  More recently, we are delighted that David and Louise have also gone to the Far East.

The church also supports on an ongoing basis the church in Bissesero, Rwanda. Teams have regularly been out seeking to bless spiritually and in practical ways. Janet Thomson particularly has been proactive in raising awareness and support for the needs in Bissesero. Various members of our congregation have also been abroad on mission trips, most recently Laura and Andrew to Europe with DNA and Hannah to Africa. Tim Cheshire’s rock band Superhero have been to several European countries, particularly Estonia, with a vision to reach young people who have no knowledge of God and to give them Youth Bibles in their own language.

A further trend in recent years has been that the world in increasingly coming to Glasgow. Paul and Emma work among asylum seekers and the destitute. Others in the church actively support asylum seekers. Many from overseas come as students to the UK and some find Christ while they are here and return to be witnesses in their own country.

The Cross Cultural Mission Group is open to all in the church and seeks to encourage, support and pray for the various ways in which our church reaches out across cultures to be a blessing beyond our own locality. Currently we meet monthly on the last Sunday Evening of the month at 7.30 following the Church Prayer meeting at 6.30. We have also from time to time had involvement in the church morning services. We are however open to God’s leading in the days ahead as our desire is to be as effective as possible.